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Course Curriculum

Transform your journey with tools for improved connection and growth with your child

What You'll Experience:

  • Video Modules & Interactive Learning: Our engaging pre-recorded classes walk you through each Son-Rise Program principle. Watch lively training modules, compelling video demonstrations, and participate in practical activities to help you learn as you go.
  • Hands-On Success Kits: Our "Make It Happen" Guides are packed with topic summaries, digestible steps, and custom worksheets to apply learning directly with your child.
  • Opportunities to solidify your knowledge: Expand your skills with our 8-week after courses, featuring daily activities to implement with your child and provide continuous technical and emotional support.
  • Customizable Learning Paths:
    • Adaptive Content for Pre-Verbal, Semi-Verbal, and Highly-Verbal Children: Tailor your curriculum to fit your child's current communication level.

Detailed Course Breakdown
Part 1: The Foundation for Connection and Communication

1.1 The Insider's Guide to Your Child:

Learn how to decode and respond to your child’s unique signals with "The Insider’s Guide to Your Child." This section offers crucial insights into recognizing when your child withdraws ('Red Lights') and when they are teachable ('Green Lights'), enhancing your ability to foster connection.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Deeply understanding your child’s sensory experience and unique interaction cues.
  • Practical application of the Son-Rise Program “ABC Model” for daily progress.

1.2 Interaction 101:

Explore foundational techniques to build trust with your child and help them engage with "Interaction 101". Learn strategies to extend their Interactive Attention Span, providing a platform for growth and connection.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Mastering the groundbreaking Son-Rise Program “Joining Technique” through engaging video examples.
  • Expanding your child’s capacity for longer and more meaningful interactions

1.3 Communication 101:

This module focuses on nurturing your child's ability to use verbal communication to communicate effectively, using intuitive, easy-to-use techniques.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Multiple language development tools such as the “Name It” technique to enhance verbal exchanges.
  • Strategies to promote spontaneous, meaningful Verbal Communication.
  • A Highly Verbal learning path for children who already talk to accomplish more socially targeted language goals, such as back-and-forth conversations.

1.4 Motivation 101

Understand the crucial role of intrinsic motivation and how to cultivate it without relying on external rewards. This inspires your child to grow through what they already enjoy.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Identifying and utilizing your child’s natural interests to maximize engagement.
  • Practical steps to shift from a reward-based approach to one that stimulates your child’s innate desire to learn.

1.5 Attitude: The Critical Element

Learn how your emotional responses can significantly impact your interactions, shaping a positive and safe learning environment.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Apply the Happiness GPS: “Stimulus --> Belief --> Response” Model to manage and transform your emotional reactions. Resulting in a more cooperative and well-regulated child.

8-Week After Course Part 1:

For successful post-course Implementation.

  • Continued Learning and Support to lock in your learning
  • Daily Engagement Activities
  • Sensory Integration Focus
  • Ongoing Emotional and Practical Support

Part 2: Advanced Strategies for Personal and Developmental Growth

2.1 Review

Recap what you’ve learned so far.

2.2 Eye Contact and Non-Verbal Communication

Gain deeper insights into enhancing non-verbal communication, in a way that feels natural and motivating for your child.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Techniques to encourage eye contact and other non-verbal skills in a fun way, without force.

2.3 Flexibility 101

Teaching Your Child to Thrive in the Face of Change. This section provides insights to help your child embrace flexibility, reduce rigidity, and eliminate control battles.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Creative methods to encourage flexibility and ease transitions for you and your child.

2.4 Setting Goals

Using The Son-Rise Program® Developmental Model for Socialization. Learn how to identify developmental goals that are aligned with your child’s social learning needs.

2.5 Getting Goals

Learn an easy-to-use protocol that teaches you how to work on a goal with your child.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Tools and strategies for effective goal setting and tracking progress.

2.6 How to Change a Belief - Attitudinal Support:

How to Adjust Your Beliefs for Maximum Wellbeing and Effectiveness.

Key Learnings Include:
  • Steps for identifying and modifying personal beliefs that impact your ability to reach your child.
  • Tools to reshape your beliefs, enhancing your ability to support your child and grow with them.

8-Week After Course Part 2:

For successful post-course Implementation.

  • Continued Learning and Support to lock in your learning
  • Daily Engagement Activities
  • Sensory Integration Focus
  • Ongoing Emotional and Practical Support